Tiger II update

Finally I'm back with a new computer as my old one crashed.
I'm really happy to show you some more pics of my Tiger II during the weathering process. Again still a long way until calling it done.
Besides the Tiger you can see my following project, DML's Sd.Kfz. 251/22 "Pakwagen". It received a turned gunbarrel from RB and I tried to add a few details using plastic card and copper wire.


  1. Thanks a lot Javier. Be sure your comment is much appreciated my friend.

  2. Very handsome Tiger II, and truly inspiring for a braille scale fan like me. Congratulations for the perfect brush painted camo!

  3. Hey Florin,
    thank you very much! You do awesome braille scale work yourself, I added your blog to my list. Keep up the good work!